The services we offer

We offer consultations with medical physiatrists, orthopedists and trauma specialists:

Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Speech Therapy • Electromyography • Gait analysis • Psychology • Laser treatment • Social Work • Professional Rehabilitation • Specialized treatment for children with delayed neuromuscular development • Massage Center • Thermo massage • Specialized gym


Preparation of orthotics and prosthesis, such as: modular legs, orthotics  for lower extremities, upper extremities, orthopedic shoes, and adaptations to elements of the daily living  • Crutches • Canes • Shape wear • Wheelchairs • Orthopedic collars • Rental of bed position and other technical support 

The public that benefits

Our services are aimed at children, young adults, adults and people who suffer
from musculoskeletal and neurological problems, such as:

Stroke • Head Trauma • Muscle Injuries • Joint Injuries • Post-Myocardial Rehabilitation • Chronic pain • Amputees • Spinal Cord Injuries • Hip and knee Replacements • Fractures and Traumas • Burns • Post-Cosmetic Surgery • Others

Do you have walking difficulty?
Do you have back pain?
Do you feel pain in your neck, legs, arms, knees, ankles?
Do you have Arthritis? Are you in a wheel chair? Osteoporosis?
Have you noticed that your child: is not walking? Does not crawl? Does not speak?

In this institution we can help you, come and visit us!