Professional Rehabilitation

Professional actions are directed to develop the potentials of persons offset functional limitations through alternate abilities and orient them about changes or modifications to the accessibility of the place of work and the environment in which the patient has acquired disability.

This process consists in five phases, which are: assessment, orientation, Adaptation training, job placement and follow-up.

Our institution aware of the fundamental Professional Rehabilitation role to achieve the full integration of people with disabilities carries out multiple activities in this regard, among which we can mention: prevention activities, education, sports, guidance, recreation and training, we also offer direct services to users with very limited economic resources.

The Professional Rehabilitation Department carries out a series of activities for the benefit of our users, providing direct assistance and training in different areas with a view to achieving comprehensive rehabilitation of patients which is the main objective of the Patronato.

Among the main programs developed by this Department, we find:

Job placement:

We were able to insert to the working plane, young people in an ambitious project started in the Timberland, Cemento Cibao, Baldom and other companies for the leather goods manufacture.  Today those users are concentrated in the baseballs manufacture.

We also celebrate on March, The Street Day,   with the participation of students and schools in the municipality of Santiago, whose purpose is to raise awareness to the young students and the general public of the reality of people with disabilities and at the same time, generate funds that allow us to execute plans and projects for the sector benefits.

Professional Rehabilitation Service:

  • Assessment and occupational orientation
  • Adaptation and professional  training
  • Training in the institution workshops, and vocational centers through the Training Program in the Community
  • Socio-labor insertion