Hearts of Sugar

Sponsor for Children's Protection Program with Disability of the PCRI

The parents who come to our centers for services of physical medicine and integral rehabilitation for their children are of scanty economic resources in 90 %, situation that difficult to cover the costs that the disability generates. Nevertheless to the exemptions of the minimal quota of recovery and other exonerations, users deserting for the reality of living in a social system of scanty policies that they should benefit Children with disability in the Dominican Republic.

With the interested parties in helping these parents, is born the program Hearts of Sugar, created to coordinated with the Communications and Relations Public Department and integrated by an interdisciplinary equipment who will stimulate and promote the initiative to all the levels with the purpose of which natural persons and institutions candidates assume the total or partial cost of the integral treatment of the children, turning this way into Angels of the Guard of some heart of sugar.


To cover the costs of treatment, technical support and other special needs to achieve the integration of the children and girls, will with disability, by means of people and or the institutions protection.

Rights of the Godfather:

  • Know the girl or child sponsored
  • Time and Cost of the Treatment.
  • Formless newspaper detailed on the development of the supported.
  • Visit the child or girl when it is needed, previous authorization of the specialist in charge of.
  • To converse telephonically with the parents or tutors, as the way they wish it.
  • To take part of integration’s activities together with the beneficiary.

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